Mandatory Disclosure

My Favourite Movie

I am fond of watching movies. Out of all the movies I have watched, 3 –Idiot is my favourite.Story of the movie is based on the life of three students who became best friends during their college days and how the main character of the movie influenced and changed their life. The movie displayed the state of education system in India .How students are pressurized due to excessive exam and assignments.

Sometimes students were unable to cope up with the pressure and end their life. In the movie the main character (Rancho) comes to the college and bring different perspective about education.

He believes one should study hard to get knowledge as it is the key to reach excellence and not only to get degree. One should develop a passion towards the studies, then only we can enjoy our studies and success will follow.

He loved machines and scored highest in all of his exam. One of his best friend Farhan loved photography very much but he was studying engineering because of his family’s expectation. As a result he scored less in his exam. Rancho made him understand to make his career in photography and not engineering. As photography is his passion and he will be more successful .His another friend Raju who was very scared of exams as a result he also scored less. But when he started enjoying his subjects he got success. Like this Rancho encouraged all of us to do what we love and enjoy. We should study to get right knowledge and follow our passion.

Here, the life of Rancho was a life changing story. He had done engineering because of his passion and interest .He invented so many machines based on every day science.

The film influenced me so much that I have started enjoying my studies and now I study to get knowledge and not just good marks. For me study is not a burden anymore but it is an enjoyment.