Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

C M International School is a co-educational school following CBSE Syllabus. C M International curriculum stretches far beyond the academics and is specially designed to develop the whole person – a person that spends his life competing with his/her own former self.

The CBSE curriculum is disseminated through highly specialized “Global Classroom Curriculum” which is a child centrically curriculum based on hands on activities and experiential learning and focus on overall development of a child. The books are designed and printed in such a way that they provide self-based learning through exploring and takes care of the bag weight also. Middle and secondary school follows NCERT curriculum along with other publication books and we focus on hands on learning, learning through exploring and experiences.

Advanced and accelerated
  • Improves academic results of every child and class.
  • Reduces weight of the school bag.
  • Covers more and achieves more academic goals in less time.
  • Reduces teachers workload and improves teachers effectiveness, creativity and engagement.
  • Improves every child’s confidence.
  • Creates intrinsic motivation and an inner desire to excel
  • Makes extra tuitions unnecessary.
  • Provides on-going self-diagnostic feedback throughout the year that allows early diagnosis and intervention.
  • Creates happy children, teachers and parents.

Assessment Pattern

Focus on process

Each lesson concrete learning then proceed abstraction followed by written expression.


Improve understanding of every topic with hands-on-experience before teaching.

Every Child's Involvement

Turn every class into a laboeratory and involve every child in every activity.

Control of Error

Provide instant feedback and follow it with immediate corrective action.


Make transparent for all children so that they know better what is expected of them.

Team Work and Leadership

Intgrate teamwork and leadership into the daily curriculum itself.