Life Skills

Why is SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) Important today ?

The world is changing faster and faster and Technology is penetrating everyday life in a big way. Education systems are keen to accommodate changes – so more and more content is getting added to curriculum, while little is being removed. There is pressure to teach more, earlier, faster – while the available time is the same. The changes are not always predictable and are often complex in their scope and impact – and children need to learn how to deal with this change effectively. So, there is a need to prepare children to face a future that is always changing with greater speed.

Prepmyskills addresses all of these needs through Skills4Life

Skills4Life builds Curiosity, Character & Confidence in children with its structured curriculum encompassing Life Skills, Moral Science, Sensitive Topics and Personality Development.

Key Features of SKILLS4LIFE

Skills4Life is a digital personality enrichment program which can be accessed Anywhere, Anytime and on Any Device. Its rich content covers multiple modules and has a graded curriculum for a child to continue learning from grade 1 through 10 across the 6 developmental pillars. The content is varied and uses a variety of situation-based questions, activities and quizzes to enhance the child’s experience through

  1. Exploration
  2. Reflection
  3. Learning
  4. Habit Formation
  • Digitized learning content – to keep the interest and attention of our young learners
  • Flexible learning options – allows them to access anytime, anywhere on a laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phones
  • Sustained Inputs – The program is from Class 1 to 10 giving the children adequate age-based inputs for step by step progress
  • Application oriented – the activities and virtual scenarios provided gives the child the chance to review their response and make corrections, if required
  • Self- LearningNon- judgemental and allows for learner to internalize and apply without any inhibition

How Does SKILLS4LIFE Help CM International Students

Students of CM International gain awareness and understanding of various subjects through the interactive and specially designed online learning platform created by Prepmyskills. The important topics enumerated by the board are included in the learning content. This platform provides an opportunity to the students to learn the basic concepts and apply them in various activities and scenarios. The engagement of the student with activities and scenarios ensures reinforcement of the critical concepts and skills.

Students can login and do a self-study at pace and intervals convenient to them and hence, providing for absorption of the content at a personal level. The activities and situations provide for ongoing improvisation and hence, the students have the opportunity to improve their understanding. The interaction in school reinforces the concepts through experiential learning.

The engagement of the students with various activities and situations are provided as evidences in the Student report. An assessment conducted at the end of the term provides an objective validation leading to his/her grades. Based on the performance of the student in the assessment, the report enumerates performance of the student in relation to the different descriptors.

While the solution enables students to go through an interesting and Impactful learning, it also provides objective reporting based on the performance of the students. Badges, Certificates of excellence and acknowledgement of achievements on the school portal are a few ways we motivate students. Special assemblies are held from time to time to recognize the efforts of students and reward them.

How Does SKILLS4LIFE Help CM International Students

Curriculum Pillar Concept 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Life Skills, Moral science,Sensitive topics & personality development Developing Habits Reading
Good Manners
Being Honest
Staying Fit
Positive Attitude
Shaping Behaviour Protecting Nature
Protecting Self
Protecting Public Property
Heritage of our culture
Gender Equality
MY Country
National Service
Freedom Struggle
Indian Armed Forces
Constitution of India
Developing Mindsets Striving for Excellence
Academic Performance
Sceintific Thinking
Logical Thinking
21st Century Skills Decision Making
Critical Thinking
Creative Thinking
Problem Solving
Managing Self Understanding Myself
Safety First
Dealing with Emotions
Dealing with Stress
Financial Literacy
Anti – Bullying
Managing Adolescence
Gender Sensitivity
Over come Distractions
Managing Relationship Family Ties
Interpersonal Relationship
Team Work

SEL Implementation Model at CMIS

C M International School continually strives to achieve holistic development of every student by:

  • Ensuring High Standards of behaviour
  • Encouraging Independence & Confidence
  • Developing Effective decision making & Problem-solving skills
  • Promoting logical & creative thinking skills
  • Developing Effective Communication skills
  • Promoting Curiosity & Enthusiasm
  • Catering to abilities & embracing technology

Objective of Implementing SKILLS4LIFE

  • To impart awareness and enable these critical skills in the students in a structured manner with systematic monitoring, regular evaluation processes and comprehensive reporting
  • To ensure maximum impact and effective coverage by incorporating the program into the curriculum in a structured manner
  • To partner the teachers and enable them to facilitate effective knowledge and skill transfer to students through comprehensive training and support

The school management has analysed the feasibility of the online, offline, blended learning modes of implementation available for use and has identified the following modes of implementation to ensure efficient and student access to the program content and effective learning outcomes.

Implementation Model

  • Students from classes 1 to 8 will be part of the program.
  • The program will be delivered offline in smart boards in classes.
  • A total of 30 periods per academic session will be allocated in the timetable of each class.
  • Students will be given a comprehensive demo by the Prepmyskills team.
  • Teachers will be trained extensively by Prepmyskills to facilitate the lesson, conduct activities and to use school portal for monitoring student progress.
  • The content will be conducted in class facilitated by teachers. Students will complete the individual assessment and activities from home.
  • Prepmyskills team will provide regular updates to school and ongoing support to all stakeholders.
  • Comprehensive reports for every student will be provided at the end of the program.

Role & Responsibilities of Prepmyskills

  • Comprehensive student demo
  • Teacher orientation and training for facilitation, lesson planning and use school portal for monitoring student progress at beginning of academic session.
  • To ensure content is updated and hosted for access
  • Administrative support for query resolution
  • Back end support for program management
  • Track activity and progress of each student and give feedback to the school at regular intervals
  • Generate Class-wise/Section-wise/Student-wise report on Engagement
  • Generate Reports

Role & Responsibilities of the school

  • Provide list of students along with the class and section details
  • Assign program coordinator for ease of communication and implementation of the program
  • To ensure availability and upkeep of smart board and server for effective delivery of skills4life
  • To provide adequate time in timetable for effective implementation of program
  • To provide scheduled and adequate time for orientation and training of teachers