ERP Software


ERP include multiple of modules that orchestrate together to define ERP services, here is the list of modules :
  • User groups : Administrators, teachers, students and parents
  • Registration : Administrator must approve registrations of teachers, students or parents
  • Private messages : Simple way to communicate with other users by messages
  • Academic Years (NEW) : Manage students by academic years and track their progress over years
  • Promotion (NEW) : Control students promotion and track past data of promoted students
  • Mail / SMS : Administrators can send e-mail or SMS to teachers, students or parents
  • News Board : Publish School on board
  • Events : Publish scheduled events
  • Calender : List events, news, exams and online exams on calender
  • Hostel : Manage hostel and their relation to students
  • Attendance : Track attendance of students
  • Teachers Attendance (NEW) : Track attendance of teachers
  • Vacation (NEW): Tecahers / Students can apply their vacations requests
  • Exams : Add exams scheduled for School and grade levels
  • Assignments : Upload assignments related to each class
  • Online exams : Create online exams ( multiple choice ) for students with auto marking
  • Dormitories : Add your School dormitories
  • Accounting : Manage fee types & fee allocation & manage students payments – supports paypal – automatic invoices generation available
  • Classes : Add your School  and assign the fees allocation
  • Sections : Add your School classes’s sections
  • Class schedule : Create class schedule for each one
  • Subjects : Add subjects and their relation to teachers
  • Transportation : Control students transportation and track subscriptions
  • Books library : Create online library by either download or book availability on library
  • Media center (NEW) : Create media center that support images, youtube & vimeo videos
  • Studey Material (NEW) : Manage & organize downloadable study material for students
  • Reports (NEW): Generate data reports about various parts of system