Mandatory Disclosure

Emmet – The Awesome!

My favourite cartoon character is Emmet Brickowski from the Movie ‘LEGO’. He is the main protagonist. Actor Chris Pratt has lent his voice to this Character in the movie.

Emmet is a positively charged and encourages everyone to believe in themselves and feel awesome all the time .He is a construction worker and loves to work with his pals from morning to night. His favourite song which is also the title song of the movie is “Everything is awesome” and his favourite restaurant is “Any chain restaurant “.

Emmet’s character has 2 heads, one with a smirk and another with a screaming expression. He is a brown haired, LEGO minifigure wearing an orange and blue construction vest and pants lined with silver on the legs, back and front. He found a special brick called the ‘Piece of Resistance “(actually the cap to the kragle) which is stuck to his back.

Inspired by Emmet’s positivity and motivating character I have penned a song of my own called “Believe”.


Believe in yourself.

You got this,

You have the courage.

Don’t get scared.


Just Believe,

In yourself.

You have the courage,

Yes you do,

You just have to

Believe in yourself.

No ,don’t give up so easily

Never give up so easily

Well, go ahead!

Just Believe!!!

You got this,

You have the courage

Never give up

Just believe in yourself.