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What makes a good teacher?
Teaching is the most important job IN the world and FOR the world.

All the good teachers of the world are inspired by the good teachers they had in their growing years. Those teachers showed them the paths of commitments and groomed them to inspire generations to come. Good teachers are not born. It takes efforts and large amount of hardwork to be called as good teachers. There are some specific traits which are owned by all of them.

  • A good teacher always aspires to be the best teacher she can be. She takes her professional learning very seriously and is always open to the challenges of unlearning and relearning. She thinks of ways to improve her teaching practices and aspires to excel as a teacher.
  • Listening well to the students is one of the most important skills needed to be a good teacher. Treating each student as an individual, by being empathetic, loving and understanding to them, is a key to engage them in the learning process.
  • Patience is also one of the most important skills which a good teacher possesses. Whether she is managing classroom behaviour of her students, working with her colleagues or communicating student concerns or progress with parents.
  • Strong communication skills are a must for a good teacher. The most difficult topics become students’ favourites if a teacher communicates effectively.
  • A good teacher is always willing to share her knowledge and experiences with her students and creates best classroom experiences for them.
  • A good teacher makes students ask questions not just to answer them or just to satisfy their desire for knowledge but to make them hungrier for more knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • A good teacher develops relationships and builds trust with the students so that a positive and productive learning environment is created in her class.
  • A good teacher takes efforts to engage all kind of learners in her class and brings out the best cognitive, emotional and behavioral outcomes from each learner.
The best teaching happens from the heart of a teacher and it goes directly to the heart of a student, brain comes secondary.
Iqbal Kaur Rana