Mandatory Disclosure

In this era to live respectful and wealthy life it becomes important to stand up for our self. It is not easy to stand up for our self, otherwise everyone would be able to do so. Not believing on our own worthiness, will keep us far away from what we want or what we deserve.

There are few little ways which can help us to do so as mentioned further.

It can be tough to speak up when you are used to staying quiet or going with the flow but speaking up change the look out of the people towards you which helps us to progress further. If we have something in mind, we should bring it up when other person is willing to listen.

Sometimes it is good to simply use the word “NO” when it comes to prioritizing you. This habit might be tough one to break if you are used to saying yes to everything, and trying to keep others happy. Setting boundaries can also be good idea, boundaries are simply those actions that you can’t tolerate form others. Boundaries are where when we don’t want to stand for our self, but can give others better idea how they should treat you.

We need to practice small little things to use more assertiveness in our day to day life which will always lead us towards better and more reasonable life.

By- Ms. Parul Patil