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Importance of Involvement of Father in Early Childhood

“Anyone can father a child, but a dad takes a lifetime.” is a popular saying that most of us have heard. It suggests the role played by a father in shaping a child’s life.

How Fathers Play an Important Role in Emotional Development of a Child

In most cultures, a father is perceived as a symbol of protection and security, and they instill a sense of responsibility in a child. According to popular psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, “I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” Every child during his formative and middle years look to a father for emotional and physical protection and security. They often try their best to follow the rules set by them. Various studies suggest that children often work hard to please their fathers and take their criticism and encouragement to their hearts. A father’s encouraging words make a positive impact on a child’s inner wellbeing and boosts their confidence. Although criticisms may have negative impact on a child’s psyche when they are young, still children work hard to regain their father’s confidence. It is proven that young children who grow with supportive and affectionate fathers possess better social skills and cognitive abilities than ones who have been deprived of a father’s presence in their childhood.

An Active and Supportive Father Shapes a Child’s Outlook Towards Life and Their Relationship with Others:

A father is the first man a child encounters in her/his life. Quite often we hear kids saying, “I want to be like my father when I grow up.” This not only shows a child’s affection towards a father but also how they are influenced by their father’s behavior. It can be said that a father plays a key role in shaping a child’s outlook towards life. Most kids shape their social perceptions and relationships based on their father’s character. They closely observe how their father treats others and how they conduct their lives. It is often seen that most young boys love to take the role of a father or imitate a father figure during their games. This shows the influence a father makes on their young mind.

Most sons, consciously or unconsciously, follow their fathers when they become fathers themselves. Similarly, most daughters look for father-like traits and characteristics in their life partner. All these suggest how much a kid looks to a father during his growing up years and later years.


The thoughts that I have shared here have been influenced by my own experiences as a father of a daughter and a son of a loving father. I strongly believe in the following shloka:

पिता स्वर्गः पिता धर्मः पिता परमकं तपः । पितरि प्रीतिमापन्ने सर्वाः प्रीयन्ति देवताः


मेरे पिता मेरे स्वर्ग हैं, मेरे पिता मेरे धर्म हैं, वे मेरे जीवन की परम तपस्या हैं।जब वे खुश होते हैं, तब सभी देवता खुश होते हैंI

By Biswajit Mishra

Parent of Aadyasha Mishra, Empowering IV-C