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Importance of outdoor games in Child’s development

Sports play a very important role in Child’s development. Compared to indoor games, outdoor games keep kids active and can improve their physical stamina and fitness. Playing outdoor games can also strengthen their muscles and bones and build immunity. Fresh air and sunshine can naturally provide them with Vitamin D. Being in the open and surrounded by trees they are closer to nature. Outdoor games for kids are as important as their studies and other daily activities. Physical activity keeps a child physically and mentally strong.

Children who are physically active stay fit and hold better resistance power than other kids who stay indoors for most of the time. Physical activities make them tired, so they get hungry, eat sufficient meals on time, and at the end of the day sleep well. These are the healthy habits that will stay with them for life. Outdoor activities keep off many health problems and illnesses later in life.

Staying indoors most of the time and playing with Mobile, TV, Games limits the potential skills of a child. Parents should frequently take their kids for outdoor activities. Playing outdoor in groups helps kids learn the art of coping up with winning and losing. If you do not learn this at an early age, it will be difficult to handle up the challenges later in life. This leads to stress followed by behavioral problems. When kids play outdoor games or do exercise their fitness, the mood also gets a boost.

Outdoor games help to improve problem-solving abilities and creative thinking among them. It also improves their social and communication skills, and this skill can help them in the future. It also develops their social skills when they interact with their friends. Gradually their communication and behavior skills develop. When kids go out and play, they interact with other kids of their age group and start playing as a team. This improves their team building and leading skills which help them in both their professional and personal life when they grow up.

There are many health benefits to outdoor games so every kid should include outdoor games in their schedule to keep healthy and strong.

By- Prasad Mirkute
(Parent of Adyaa Mirkute)
Class- Empowering IIC