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Letter writing

Why it is important to write handwritten letters?

By Mugdha Chandorkar, Child Counselor, CMIS

We all do little things to encourage the way we feel and think throughout the day. Something as simple as playing the favorite music track or eating a piece of chocolate can brighten your mood almost instantly, thanks to certain chemical reactions that occur in the brain.

But these short-lived pleasures are just temporary. If you’re going through something complex and need a creative outlet that allows you to express what you’re feeling, remember it, and process it, you need a more permanent practice.That’s where writing comes in.

“You can make anything by writing.” – C.S Lewis.

Can you recall the last time you wrote something? Writing is one of the most liberating experiences you can have. It is an excellent way of channeling your thoughts onto paper and maybe even spread your ideas. Regular writing can have a myriad of psychological benefits which might make you want to grab a pen and paper as soon as possible.

Regular writing has proven to be highly effective in helping people improve their communication skills. In fact, even complex ideas of mathematics and hard sciences can be communicated better if you practice regular writing.

In fact, researchers at The University of Texas, Austin found that people were more likely to talk to others about a traumatic event after writing about it privately. This research powerfully suggests that writing can indirectly lead to reaching out for support, which can mean even greater healing and relief.

Having a pen friend and writing more can help ease anxiety, loneliness and even relieve stress. Most report benefits of increased level of increased level of happiness, supporting brain development, increased connection, feelings of acceptance, cross-cultural learning and even boosting physical health.

Here are five reasons why you should get out that pen today and find yourself a pen pal.

  1. Writing is good for your brain

Studies continue to highlight the benefits of journaling for mental health. Writing helps to normalize people’s feelings and allow them to process them in different ways. And given that humans are social beings, expressing yourself to a pen pal may just enhance these benefits further.

  1. We spend so much of time on gadgets

In today’s new normal we are using many gadgets, technology. When you write, you understand your thoughts and feelings. This is because writing tends to rouse questions about your life and direction, which is the principal reason that so many highly successful people keep journals and also write letters.

  1. Embracing more creativity

There’s a process of almost mindful attention that comes with engaging in writing a letter. Allowing your thoughts to be focused and your creative expression to flow.

  1. Writing creates connection

While handwritten letters may not fully replace sitting opposite someone for a cup of tea, there’s an element of deeper connection that is present. Some studies have shown boosts to mood and reductions in stress from expressive writing.

  1. More joy and delight in our lives

Just thinking of the last time you received an actual letter in the post is likely to fill you with at least an inkling of delight. There’s something surprising and delighting about receiving a handwritten note. Dr Stuart Brown, renown “play” expert, and Brene Brown show how play is critical for our wellbeing and living a full life. Play can also help relieve stress and even stimulate creativity. Who couldn’t do with more of that? Writing letters could be a way to sprinkle back some joy and delight.

Even if you’re not doing it for the benefits to your mental health, brain cognition or deep social connection, having a pen pal at its least will give you an element of play and surprise in your life.

So, take out your pen and write a letter to your grandparents or loved ones. Let them know that you are thinking about them!