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Popular Children Movie – Tangled

The amazing movie it was! Tangled is the movie I watched with my parents, and we all loved the movie.

The movie is about Rapunzel! This beautiful girl belonged to a Kingdom but was unfortunately kidnapped by a witch when she was a baby. The story revolves around a magical golden flower that can heal people and make them younger. At the time of Rapunzel’s birth, this flower showed its magic. Rapunzel was also blessed with these powers. But the witch uses her power to not age and die. She trapped her in her tower and never let her go outside for 18 years.

Rapunzel wanted to see lanterns go up in the sky on her Birthday, but the witch denied. But destiny has different plans for the Princess. On her 18th birthday, the Royal Crown gets stolen and the guys who stole it were getting chased by the guards. While running, one person betrays them and runs away with the Crown. He reaches a cave, hides it, and finds the tower where Rapunzel is staying. To hide, he goes inside the house where she hits him with a pan and locks him in the cupboard. Princess asks her mom to buy white paint for her and her mom went on three days trip to buy a gift for her.

Rapunzel and that man escape from the tower and go to a restaurant. While hiding from the guards, they reach a dam where they fight against guards, and during the fight, the dam collapses. Such a thrilling experience! But her hair shows the direction where the wall is weak, and the hero punches the wall to break them free, they fall into a river. While the hero is shocked, Rapunzel heals his wounds.

After that, the hero goes to get wood. Suddenly, the witch comes and tries to convince Rapunzel that she should go with her. After seeing the lanterns his friend comes and convinces the hero to leave her alone. The witch takes her to the tower. While in the kingdom, the hero gets caught and is going to get executed. Rapunzel saves him and they return to the kingdom where Rapunzel gets her own family. To see what happens in the end you have to watch the movie!

By- Anay Joshi
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