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My Favourite Movie

Watching Inspirational movies is my favourite past time. Inspirational movies always make me rush to the theatre. One of my favourite movie is “HAWA HAWAI”. It is a superb and inspirational story.

Hawa Hawai is a 2014 film directed by Amole Gupte. In this film, Saqib Saleem played a role of a skating coach.

The plot centres on Arjun Harishcand Waghmore (Parth Gupte) and his dream to skate. I am really impressed with his dedication towards skates. He struggled a lot after his father’s death. He is coming from a poor family and doesn’t have enough money to buy skates, he and his friends made skates by collecting various parts of vehicles from the garage and by the garbage of their city. How his friends help him to fulfill his dream is scripted very nicely. The skating coach is very impressed by him and decides to teach him skates for free, as he thinks that “this boy can go miles”. Arjun learned very quickly and the coach decides to send him to the district level skating race. Arjun practiced very restlessly and unfortunately falls ill on the day of the race. He was hospitalized and was not able to participate in the race. I felt good when I saw the scene in which his friends called him “EKLAVA” instead of Eklavya. I felt so heart touching .After his recovery, he practiced a lot and again took part in the state level skating race. He remembers his father’s struggle before his death and won the race.

The story teaches me how to strive in difficult situation, how to help friends in need, give 100% of dedication to fulfill your dreams.