Mandatory Disclosure

Ten Things Parent except from their children

Times have become more challenging and so has ours children’s lives. With so much exposure to the different arenas in life we as parents have many expectations from our children from very early age of their lives. As a parent I make sure that yes few expectations are fulfilled by my daughter too.
  1. She wakes up early and sleeps in time
  2. I make sure she eats well
  3. Involves in physical activities e.g. any outdoor sports for atleast an hour or two
  4. Stays connected with nature, we have a small kitchen garden and she helps me maintain it.
  5. Feeding stray animals (dogs, cats,cows, birds) helps in developing sence of responsibility towards other living beings
  6. Does her school work in time. Tell to study for knowledge and not for marks
  7. Inculcate good reading habits to build character
  8. Make phone calls / home visits to grandparents regularly
  9. Encourage to learn new skills / languages / pursue hobby
  10. To respect self and care for herself also.

Mother of Bhagyashree( Empowering III)

Supriya Panchal

IATA consultant/ Enteprenuer