Mandatory Disclosure

A virtual field trip is a computer aided, virtual alternative to real and physical field trips. One of the most accomplished way to enrich the knowledge, learn different caste, creed, cultures, tradition and be inspired. The concept has been around for few years now but gained momentum due to recent lockdown caused by ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Being a proud student of CM International school, Pune I also got the opportunity to learn about the topics in real world through this media when we had one, on the theme of “Tribal Life”. This exemplary model of learning provided me the understanding of Masaai, Mara tribe without any geographical limitation and without me being physically present there. This virtual field trip was composed of instructions, images, accompanying texts, videos, glossaries, illustrations and not to mention the inquisitive questions. It was not only an informative session for all of us but also brought in the enthusiasm and morale of all the students with lots of fun.

All in all, it was something different experience for me and I really felt, one of the most effective and prominent way of learning. This is evident from the fact that our respectable school and management has organized many such event during the lockdown.

Once again, I would like to thank our Principal Madam, all the respectable teachers and staff who made tremendous efforts in making this platform, a grand success and opened up new horizon in the field of virtual learning.

By- Shaurya Gupta

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