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10 Ways To Spend Weekends Days

“Where did you go last weekend?”. We all like this question but, to spend weekends at home , it can feel a little upsetting and overwhelming, especially without knowing how long this will be. There are a lot of ways to make the best of this scary situation at home.

let’s take some time to be productive inside and feel good about our weekends .

1.Exercise is still important. Just because you might not want to (or be able to) hit the gym, doesn’t mean you can’t stay active. Do 10-minutes flexibility full-body yoga atleast in weekdays. Many apps are available for working out at home.

2. Start your day with whipping up easy breakfast recipes . Depending on your age and abilities, you may not be able to cook a big fancy dinner for your family, but you may be able to whip up a simple lunch for your parents and siblings.

3. Spending time with your family is a great way to spend your weekends.

4. You want your space to feel soothing and beautiful if you’re going to be staying there. Take extra on weekends time to clean and declutter to make it a space you love being in.

5.Take some extra time for our skin care. Be gentle with yourself. And it’s always a good idea to spend an extra few minutes on your skincare.

6.Reflection is something you should be doing daily, but weekends are a great time to step back and think about what made you smile, what you’re grateful for, what you’ve accomplished, and how to make the next week even better.

7.Your mother is probably working hard for you every day, divide up the duties your mother would normally do on a certain day amongst everyone.

8.Make time for what is important or fun. Make space for activities that add to your life balance according to your hobby.

9.Planning makes people more effective, and do it before the week starts means you can hit Monday ready to go.

10. Get back to nature to energize your mind and body.Create your own beautiful Balcony Garden.

By Ms. Akshata Chavan.

Primary Teacher.