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5 Himalayan Treks to Plan in Summers for Students

In the mountains, in the desert or in a more urban environment, trekking allows you to escape, to get away from your daily life, to discover new things, new spaces while doing good to your body!

Trekking is a physical activity with thousand virtues regardless of the duration of your trek, your location or even your physical level. Let’s together discover these benefits.

Here are some of the best treks in India in the Himalayas one can undertake:

  1. Phulara Ridge

Difficulty: Moderate Region: Sankri, Uttarakhand Best Months: April, May, June

If you’re looking to trek with your family, this is a good option! Time it from mid-April onwards till mid-May for a
safe amount of snow!

  1. Ali Bedni Bugyal

Difficulty: ModerateRegion: Lohajung, Uttarakhand

Best Months: April to June Out of all the meadow treks in our country, Ali Bedni Bugyal has the grandest mountain views. Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti are an arm’s distance away from Bedni Bugyal

  1. Chandranahan Lake

Difficulty: ModerateRegion: Janglik, Himachal Pradesh
Best Months: May – June, October – November

The Chandranahan Lake is a small lake fed by several springs and melting snow. It is the true source of the Pabbar River, beside which you trek throughout this journey.Trekking to the lake feels like almost being part of a big climbing expedition.

  1. Kedarkantha

Difficulty: Easy – Moderate
Region: Gaichawan Gaon, Uttarakhand
Best Months: March – June, September – February

There are many reasons why it is a very popular trek to do in the Indian Himalayas. The most important of them is this— the summit climb. Very few treks offer the same adventure, making it popular among beginners for its finest summit climb.

  1. Har Ki Dun – Ruinsara Tal

Difficulty: Moderate
Region: Kotgaon, Uttarakhand
Best Months: March – June, September – December

The cultural favourite — in the early part of the trek you pass through ancient wooden villages that still stand the same despite being many centuries old. And then Ruinsara Tal pulls all possible expectations from under the feet. Such places exist in our country.


No matter the difficulty level, distance, or obstacles involved, it is important to make sure you stay safe on the trails. Himalayan treks offer plenty of beautiful scenery to explore and hike through. Make sure you enjoy it properly by keeping your own safety a priority!

Top 4 Safety Precautions to Remember:

Hike with a “buddy” when at all possible.
Avoid venturing off the beaten path.
Stay hydrated and bring drinking water.
Know where you are going ahead of time.
Happy & Safe Trekking!

By Neelam Kharche
Pre – Primary Teacher