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5 series on Amazon prime for Children

Amazon Prime, is not just an online shopping store but with its Prime Video feature, brings shows to you at the comfort of your fingertips. Catch up on these children friendly shows to binge on during the weekend with the whole family.

1.Just Add Magic :

Three best friends. One magic cookbook. Strange recipes. Powerful curses. This highly engaging show has it all. Watch how young Kelly, Hannah and Darbie chance upon an old cookbook and try to recreate all its recipes—from ‘Shut ‘em up shortcake’ to ‘Bitter truth truffles—to save Kelly’s grandmother from a curse.

2.Pete The Cat :

This show may seem light-hearted and fun on the surface, but it sure packs a punch with its subtle messages. Pete is a really cool blue cat who likes to be himself. He lives with his parents and his brother and has plenty of friends including Sally Squirrel, Callie Cat and Grumpy Toad, with whom each day is an adventure. At the heart of it, the show is all about being yourself, accepting others and overcoming your fears.

3.Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street :

Normal Street is not so normal after all. Thirteen-year-old Gortimer Gibbon and his best friends Mel and Ranger set off on magical, mystery-filled adventures in their neighbourhood. From spooky spirits to sinister toads, Normal Street is full of things that are the opposite of what you’d call normal.

4.The Dangerous Book For Boys :

The three young McKenna boys try to cope with the death of their father, who was an inventor. They soon receive a handbook called ‘The Dangerous Book for Boys’. It’s a how-to guide of sorts, left to them by their father, after which things begin to change, especially for the youngest McKenna, Wyatt. The show is based on the book of the same name by Conn and Hal Iggulden.

5.Jessy and Nessy :

A great show for kindergarteners, Jessy & Nessy features Jessy, a curious little girl who wears magical glasses called ‘inspectacles’ and her best friend Nessy, a purple sea monster that’s five-and-a-half-thousand years old. Jessy tries to find answers to her questions: how do airplanes stay up in the sky? Or how do we cheer up our friends? The show tries to establish that children ought to be curious and urges them to ask questions in order to explore the world around them.

By : Rachana Pathrikar
(Primary Department)