Mandatory Disclosure

Dear students

Wish you all a cheerful childhood!

“The beautiful days of childhood are never going to come back; live them to the fullest and enjoy this golden phase of life.”

The memories you are creating today will stay with you throughout the journey of your life and will make you feel nostalgic later in life. Reliving the childhood is every person’s longing. We, teachers count it a blessing to be surrounded by our students at all times and we relive our childhood through you. From what I have experienced from my journey from being a kindergarten teacher to being a Principal, kids have the purest hearts in the world. To them everything is good, pure, true, beautiful and clean and this gives them confidence when they later face the actual world. There is no fear or uncertainty of tomorrow. I have learnt far more than I have taught to my kids. Meeting all the wonderful students everyday gives me opportunities to acquire something new from them. Every day is a new day with lots and lots of learnings. The list is long. Embracing everything which comes my way by being myself is the most important and highly valued learning which I have taken from the kids. Thanks a whole lot my kiddos for shaping me as a person and being the part of my journey.

Dear Students, always remember obstacles come into our lives to prepare us for something bigger. Take every set back as a challenge and move ahead. You are the future of our country and seeing you I know the future is bright and beautiful. Wishing you a very Happy Children’s Day today, tomorrow and every day.