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Five Famous Dishes Of Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the land of Maharajas, is famous for its rich culture. But what makes the state distinctive and popular is its Dishes.

Rajasthani’s love their food and it is evident in their preparations. Dal BatiChurma is the most famous dish from the state of Rajasthan. Every food enthusiast must have tasted it at least once.


One of the most famous dishes from the state, no Rajasthani food is complete without Dal BatiChurma. The round Batis dipped in ghee with Panchkuti dal and churma make for an appetizing combination

2.Gatte Ki Sabji :

Famous Food of Rajasthan is Gattekisabji. Typical Rajasthani food platters are almost incomplete without gattekisabji . Rajasthan has a variety of Gatte preparations. ShahiGatte or Masala gatte are Gattes covered with spicy gravy.


All of us have had kadi from Maharashtra, Punjab and Uttarakhand . The Rajasthani version is a pungent and spicy one which will give your taste buds a kick start. This light and healthy dish is a staple diet in the state and goes well with rice.

4.Mohan Thaal :

This is a royal dessert is equally royal to amaze the taste buds of food connoisseurs. Mohan Thaal is unique to Rajasthan and is a sweet dish prepared from Besan and dry fruits. The aroma and taste of ghee add the cherry to the cake!


If there is a way to revisit your childhood memories then this halwa is it. The hot piping halwa is your best buddy, especially during winters. Prepared with dry fruits, suji, sugar and ghee.

By Dipti Joshi
Preprimary Teacher