Mandatory Disclosure

In this busy world of gadgets, we spend more time online then offline with kids. Teachers and Parents are so engrossed to learn new ways and techniques for their kids and in the meantime, we forgot to focus on basics – the holistic way to develop our kids. Holistic Development is the way to understand the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of our children while they are young.

If I remember my childhood where thankfully we did not have gadgets to play with and our parents were continuously engaged with us to learn our ways by playing with us, teaching us family values and focusing on our physical growth. Few tips for all of us to encourage and support the holistic development for our kids.

    1. Let our kids ask as many questions as possible and keep your questions open-ended to engage with them
    2. Build an engaging and encouraging environment to build a confidence with you
    3. Show interest in your kid’s interest and find out more about it. This will give them more confidence in you

I strongly believe that in this busy, fast and challenging world, we have forgotten our basics. Let’s build a strong and encouraging world around them so kids learn at their own pace and have more ‘hands-on’ then theoretical learning. Holistic Development is the need of the hour and we should embrace it with an open heart.

—Ketul Shah