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Importance of celebrating Festivals

Festival, the word itself brings a feeling of happiness into our minds and a smile onto our faces. Festival means celebration, good food, pretty clothes, happiness, lots of activities along with a lot of family time. This is the temporary joy we feel, but it creates beautiful memories for us and our children which will last for our lifetimes. Everybody takes special efforts to make festivals memorable.

There is a variety of festivals celebrated in each and every corner of the world. Festivals can be related to religion, community, region, nation, history or mythology.

Some of the most important religious festivals are Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Yom Kippur, Vaisakhi and Navroz.

Some festivals have started as a reward for periods of hard work. Therefore, some of the biggest festivals are celebrated when the harvest is complete, like Diwali, Vaisakhi, Thanksgiving, Pongal or Lohari.

Celebrating festivals also means to invite friends, family, neighbors or the entire community. Due to festivals we meet old and new friends and family members. We enjoy time together and learn to understand each other. It also teaches us to share work as well as the rewards.

Lots of festivals require specific preparations, such as decoration, food items, outfits or events. While decorating he house with Flowers, Lights, Rangolis or Papercraft children are acquiring a variety of skills and a sense of responsibility.Children watch or help preparing food, so they gather knowledge of traditional food items. During this process they understand the importance of the collective effort.

Being anIndo-German, Christian-Hindu Family we give importance to the festivals from both the sides. We celebrate Diwali, Janmashtami, Christmas, Ganesh Festival, Easter, Dassehra and many more festivals with the same enthusiasm. We teach our children to respect all cultures, enjoy life and create beautiful memories.

Nilima and Patrick Kuhn
(Joyful CI parent)