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IUCN is a place where they help nature.

The full form of IUCN is International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The logo of IUCN is

IUCN is an international organization to protect plants and animals.

IUCN was started in 1948 in France.

IUCN’s purpose is to influence, encourage and assist countries around the world to conserve the quality and diversity of nature.

The founder of IUCN is Julian Huxley.

It is involved in data gathering and analysis, research, field projects, advocacy, and education.

India became a member of IUCN in 1969.

IUCN is a membership union composed of both government and civil society organizations. It harnesses the experience, resources and reach of its more than 1400-member organization and the input of more than 18,000 experts.

The diversity and vast expertise makes IUCN the global authority on the status of natural and the measures needed to safeguard it.

Presented By-Sharvi Bhople
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