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1st July National Doctors Day – Our tribute to doctors

Most of us hear about the frontline warriors in the recent pandemic which shook the world. Who are these frontline warriors essentially? They are our doctors (among others), the ones who have worked tirelessly day in and day out so that we could live. Of course, they haven’t been successful with some patients, but they have treated numerous patients and still continue to do so, without regrets or complaints.

A few years back I had no idea the amount of time and effort that is involved in becoming a doctor, but looking at my own daughter bloom into a doctor today, I can understand the pain and toil that they go through to become what they are. Every child aspiring to be a doctor has a huge sense of passion and commitment towards helping society and it’s people and they go through immense pressure to reach their goals. They struggle to keep up with the latest studies, technology and guidelines so that all of us can be helped in times of need.

They go through sleepless nights, catering to their patients, to help them stay alive and well, stay away from their family members so that patients can go back to their families, healthy. They skip birthday, anniversary, festival celebrations so that patients can live to enjoy occasions with their loved ones. They put their own lives at risk, even with limited resources, to save patients and some of them sacrificed their lives while saving others in this pandemic.

They truly are warriors, always ready with their stethoscopes and smiling faces, ready to welcome any and every patient with an open heart and the will to treat him/her in the best possible way.

Let us do our bit by showing our gratitude towards them, respecting them for their services and following their advice. Doctors deserve our love and respect. Let us show through our actions that their contribution will not go to waste.

Mridha Saluja
Pre Primary Coordinator