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National Education Day

Education‘. It is the strongest tool to overcome monsters of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and much more. Education gives the person the right direction to move in life. It is like a ray of light which has the power to eliminate the fear of darkness, remove darkness and thus bringing the person into light or on the correct path.

Every year since 2008, November 11 is celebrated as the National Education Day to mark the birth anniversary of India’s first Education Minister Abul Kalam Ghulam Muhiyuddin, fondly known as Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. He served as the education minister of independent India from 1947 to 1958. 11 November, 1888, this day was declared as the National Education Day by the Ministry of Human Resource Development in the year 2008. His birth anniversary is marked to remember his ideals of nation-building and to celebrate his paramount contribution to shaping the education system. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was a freedom fighter, a politician, and an eminent educationist who was well versed in Arabic, Persian, English, and other languages. His contribution in the freedom struggle and in the realm of education has been monumental. The education Minister also played a significant role in shaping the modern education system. The University Grants Commission (UGC), IIT Kharagpur, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore were all established under his tenure.

Every year various competitions, workshops, and events are held in educational institutions highlighting the day’s importance. It is very important for all of us to get education and as a citizen of this nation, it is our responsibility to make sure that the whole nation gets education. So let us contribute to increase the literacy rate around us. You can start by teaching the poor kids around you, who do not have access to education. Let us all help the ones who are clutched in the darkness of poverty and unemployment, to come in light by us holding the torch of education and literacy.

By- Ms. Pranjali Parite