Mandatory Disclosure


Heaven in the house, I had you
The rainbows we made were all new
Making each color the symbol of love
I thought the rains were now over
But now, oh my heaven, I have lost you.

I was a twinkling star
But not in the dark
As you were my sun and sunshine
You were emitting the light of love
Which fell on this star, sparkling it bright
But now, oh my heaven, I have lost you.

You were an angel
Who did magics in my life
And made me blythe
Now you are back in your heaven
Promise me that you’ll come to meet me in my dreams
Because life without you isn’t as easy as it seems.
The last time I wish I could thank you
But now, oh my heaven, i have lost you
I handover it to you Lord, my heaven is in your heaven now, please take care.

In our fairy tale, you were my Ariel and I was your Eric
You saved me from drowning in the deep sea of negativity
And filled the pearl of positivity in my shell
You aren’t far from me
Oh my heaven, I have not lost you
You are right here in my heart.

~Avani Junnarkar
Victorious XA