Mandatory Disclosure

Positive affirmations for students

  1. I am HONEST. Honesty is the best policy and I like to follow it.
  2. I can LEARN and DO ANYTHING. Learning for me takes no time, ones I get to understand the concept I can do anything.
  3. I am CREATIVE. I love to create and discover innovative things, I also like to recycle and re-create.
  4. I am TALENTED. Being one of my main characteristics, I like to dance, draw, and play.
  5. I am RESPECTFUL. I respect everyone, not only elders but any person who is older or younger than me.
  6. I am CARING and KIND. Whenever someone gets hurt, be it my friends or my siblings, helping them is a must for me.
  7. I REACH my GOALS. Ones I decide what I want, for eg. Completing my homework, finishing a project I always get up ones I completed that selected task.
  8. I am PROACTIVE. Whether night or day, an energy always runs through me!
  9. I am BRAVE. My physical attributes contribute to my braveness, I believe in myself and I know my limits making me not fear any task that might be considered “difficult”.
  10. I am HAPPY. All the points mentioned above clearly state I am happy mentally.

By Rucha Kshirsagar
Joyful DI