Mandatory Disclosure


Ans: helpful,kind and friendly.
Ans: careless, talkative and angry
Ans: Blue is my favourite colour.
Ans: super bheam is my favourite cartoon character.
Ans: Turtle and Ribbit.
Ans: I am a spicy food lovers.
Ans: Anay, Ashivita and Nilaksh is my best friends
Ans: Sam is my nickname .
Ans: Becomes a best footballer
Ans: I get a chance to be a Shiva cartoon character.
Ans: mrs.Esha Agrawal is my favourite teacher
Ans: mix fruit flavour is my favourite flavour of a birthday cake.
Ans: I loved my mechanical kit.
Ans: 17 January.
Ans: my parents and teachers like me because of my honesty for my work.