Mandatory Disclosure

Popular Children Movie – The Croods is great fun and a pleasant diversion for the whole animation-loving family.

INCREDIBLE!!! What a fabulous movie! I really loved how the movie was focusing more on bringing others together, than blowing them up. Developing more meanings in movies makes the audience think out their own lives which is a very powerful concept. My favorite character out of the seven characters is Eep performed by Emma Stone. Eep is a determined and confident young girl but is also rebellious and aspirational. I also really liked Grug’s developed character performed by Nicolas Cage. Grug at first is like his daughter. He is the well-meaning, overprotective but outdated patriarch of the Croods family. Grug keeps his family in line and believes strongly that things should really never change. But Grug becomes the developed character when he sees the world and finally realizes that it’s not as dangerous as he suspected. I also was very interested in Guy performed by Ryan Reynolds. The guy is not as strong as the Croods and is not part of the Croods’ family, although he more than makes up for it with his intelligence and creativity, making and using various inventions, coming up with ideas, and exploring. I also really enjoyed Ugga’s character, performed by Catherine Keener. Ugga, an open-minded mom who tries to balance keeping her family safe while giving them the freedom they desire. Also, I was very amused by Thunk’s character, performed by Clark Duke. Thunk wants to be like his sisters and his dad. He has the best heart and the worst coordination. Thunk is only 9 years old and seems to be the clumsiest one out of the bunch. I also really enjoyed Gran’s character, performed by Cloris Leachman. Gran is stubborn and means to Grug, but she’s a lot more loyal and braver than one would think. I was also very amused with Belt’s character performed by Chris Sanders. The belt is a cute sloth of many talents, including “cook, conversationist, and navigator.” The belt is Guy’s best friend; He loves to help Guy with things and emphasizes certain moments. And I also very much-loved Sandy, performed by Randy Thom. Sandy is tough like her older sister Eep but feels a lot of strong emotions lot and to be the result of her becoming ferocious because she wants to do her best to fit in with her family and to defend herself well. My most favorite part about this movie was when The Croods made friends with animals and saved them from a disaster that was going to happen. Now they will have great adventures together with them in harmony. Some of them are part of the family now too! It was so sweet. When looking at the music score, my favorite song was the one found in the end credits called, “Shine Your Way,” which clearly shows the film’s message of the best way to accomplish and achieve things in life is to do the next right thing. Also, more specifically to me, this song is about that we will go through bad times and challenges in life that will make us want to give up but to reach our goal and show what we can do and who we really are you just have to keep going. I just love that song!! It has such an upbeat melody to it. The performers who did this song were Owl City and Yuna, they have angel voices!!!
Thank You Dreamwork Studios for the astounding movie!

By- Tanushree Yadav
Primary Teacher